Get tattooed without feeling a thing.

Pro numb is designed by tattoo artists to use during your entire tattoo. Once you start feeling the pain, Just spray the pain away and go back to tattooing. We use Pro Numb to help our clients sit for full day sessions and painful areas like our pain graph shows below.

Why Tattoo artists use Pro Numb for tattoos?

Needle Pain Reducing Spray

Why Tattoo artists use Pro Numb for tattoos?

Sit longer, and feel nothing

This is how professinal tattoo artists help there clients sit longer for a more detaile tattoo.

🎨 Detailed Artistry

Numbing sprays enable tattoo artists to execute intricate and detailed designs with precision. This is especially valuable for complex or fine-line tattoos that demand exceptional attention to detail.

Licensed Artists

Tattoo artists who offer numbing sprays as part of their services exhibit professionalism and a commitment to their clients' comfort. This can set your studio apart and attract more clientele.

🌟Positive Reputation

Utilizing numbing sprays helps build a positive reputation for your tattoo studio. Word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews praising the pain-free experience can lead to increased business and growth.

🌐Minimized Swelling

Tattoo numbing sprays can help minimize swelling, which can result in a smoother healing process and a better end result.

Diverse Clientele

Tattoo numbing sprays cater to a diverse clientele. They are inclusive for individuals with varying pain tolerances, ensuring that everyone can have the tattoo they desire comfortably.

Tattoo Pain Chart

Tattoo Pain Chart

How bad the area hurts


Pain Level:

Pain Level without Pro Numb

Not bad

This hurts


Holy F*ck

Our Happy Customers Videos

Improve your Tattoo Quality by allowing the artist to add the details needed.

"Tattoo artist or enthusiast? Unlock your creativity with our Tattoo Numbing Spray! Extend sessions, delight clients, and create your masterpiece without interruption. 🎨💪 Don't limit yourself; unleash your artistry. 💫🖋️"

Turn the pain off for hours at a time with Pro Numb

"For big, intricate tattoos, numbing sprays are a game-changer! 💪🖋️ They help clients endure long sessions, saving time and money. 💰⏱️"

Why be tough when you dont have to be.

"Tattooing can be nerve-wracking 😬, but with tattoo numbing sprays 💨, pain is reduced, making the experience more enjoyable and less stressful. Get inked with confidence! 🖋️🤗"

Why choose Pro Numb

Compare the differences between our portable, convenient vs. expensive, Tattoo Sprays.
Top competitors
Fast-Acting Topical Formula
Long-Lasting Effect
Easy to Apply
Organic Ingredients
Enhances Tattoo Quality
Suitable for Sensitive Skin
FDA Approved
Tattoo Artist made & Used
Made in The U.S,A

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Get inspired by our customers’ stories

How Our Customers Feel

Get inspired by our customers’ stories

James D

It worked! Used this spray 3 hours into my session after my cream wore off. Waited about 5 minutes and the spray renumbed the whole area to get me through the last few hours. I barely used any spray so the bottle still looks full. Definitely worth the investment for pain-free tat.


Hell yeah Okay so I have been tattooing for a very long time and I am always very skeptical about these types of products. With that being said a few short months ago I decided to give your product a try. such an awesome product.


1st time being numbed for a tattoo. 4 hrs and 0 pain. I would do it again 100xs over.

Heather S

Very good product I have used a few different types, this is my favorite one.


The spray works pretty well as well as it can for size 21 needles 🙌

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